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Adobe XD Persian Lorem Ipsum Generator

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Persian Lorem Ipsum Genereator

First iranian plugin in Adobe XD plugin repo!!

Programmed by Amirhosseinhpv in BlackSwanLab

You can use this plugin to make lorem ipsum dummy text data and apply it on a text object or creat a new text node or even copy it into the clipboard.

This plugin supports five diffrent languages and three lorem gerenator methodes, which are by character count, by word count and by paragraph count.

You can also use the shotcode Ctrl+Shift+N both in Mac and Windows to open plugin’s panel directly and quickly.


We would be deeply happy if you share your experience and challenges, new feature requests, bug reports and .. while using our plugin with us at

Looking forward hearing from you.

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Download Latest Installable Package and simply double-click to open it using Adobe XD.

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